Green Hornet trailer

I never watched the original show, but I understand it’s where Bruce Lee got his start so I’ve always thought it was cool. Seth Rogen as a superhero, however, makes me wonder and it seems I’m not the only one. Have a look and see what you think. Might be we’ve reached the bottom of the superhero barrel.

  1. newguydave

    I think Seth Rogen puts this in the sorry I won’t even bother pile. That hurts because I like both superheros and vigilantes. I only with Hollywood had left the comical junk out of the last Punisher movie, it had huge potential, but flopped in my books.

    • admin

      I thought they had jumped the shark with stuff like Dare Devil. Who knows, this one could work, but right now I just don’t see Rogen pulling it off.

  2. stevenagy

    If I recall correctly, the Green Hornet television show came out around the same time as the original Batman with Adam West. I didn’t see the show at the time, since I only saw Batman in reruns when I was growing up, and it wasn’t in syndication like Batman.

    So the choice of Rogen might be the producers leaning toward that parody dynamic. The trailer reminded me a bit of Lethal Weapon, but with more Pesci than Gibson.


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