Writing and watching the World Cup

So far my morning has been split between writing, breakfast at the Gracie Mews, and then watching the Netherlands defeat Japan 1-0. Not the most scintillating existence, but it’ll do for a Saturday morning. Next up is Australia against Ghana followed by a bit of crime fighting and if I feel really energetic some leaping over very small buildings in about four bounds, an elevator, and ideally a walkway with a railing.

  1. newguydave

    I caught highlights of the Aussie vs Ghana game while trying to research how to fix the handle of my electric lawn mower. It didn’t seem like a half-bad game.

    • admin

      It wasn’t bad. The game after it was Denmark and Cameroon which was a terrific game. The ref let them play so it had a lot of flow to it. I always like the games when teams really stretch things out and fire the ball all over the field.


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