Gray, windy, cold, and wonderful

Today was one of those amazing fall days I wish could last for weeks. The sky was threatening snow, the wind made you lean just a little, and the cold inspired my first real desire for hot chocolate since last winter. On days like this I love sitting on a bench by the East River or in Central Park with a notepad, a hot chocolate (or coffee), and nosh on a snack while I jot down ideas.

  1. crushgoil

    sorry I know this isn’t the best place to post this

    I wasn’t sure where else I could possibly mention this to you – and you may have already heard about it but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway…
    Patrick Rothfuss is raising money for a pretty cool charity and is looking for donations (such as signed books) and donations that act as chances to win these cool prizes. Anyone who reads this blog might be intertested in attempting to win one of the amazing books that have been donated – or I thought you might be interested in donating something yourself.

    For anyone who is interested more info can be found here:


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