Remembrance/Veterans’/Armistice Day

This is a special day around the world and one that means a lot to me. I always think of my grandfathers, WWII vets, especially on this day. My grandmothers, too. Both worked in munitions plants during the war doing their part. Many years ago when I lived in Ottawa I did volunteer work at a home for veterans. As much as they liked the chance to chat and reminisce I knew that I was the one enjoying something rare and special. I often mention the authors that inspire my novels, but today of all days I wanted to say thanks to the veterans I’ve met over the years, many of whom I’ve had the incredible fortune to work with in getting their stories published. The Iron Elves (and I) owe a lot to these individuals. To all of them I say thank you for inspiring me and for your service.

Sy Altfield (WWII) US Navy
Ted G. Arthurs (Vietnam) US Airborne Infantry
Gordon Bennett (WWII) USAAF B-29 Bomber pilot
Robert Black (Korea and Vietnam) US Army Ranger and Adviser
George Blackburn (WWII) Canadian Army
John Brennan (Vietnam) US Army
Richard B. Burns (Vietnam) US Army Airborne Pathfinder
Dominic Caraccilo (Iraq) US Army Airborne
John T. Carney (Cold War, Grenada, Panama) US Air Force Special Forces
Johnnie Clark (Vietnam) USMC
Dan Cragg (Vietnam) US Army
John Culbertson (Vietnam) USMC Sniper
Dave Danelo (Iraq) USMC
Chrissy DeCaprio (Iraq) USMC
John A. English (Cold War) Canadian Army
Matt Eversmann (Somalia) US Army Ranger
David Fitz-Enz (Vietnam) US Army
William B. Hanford (WWII) US Army
Harry Hardy (WWII) Royal Canadian Air Force Typhoon pilot
Norm Hatch (WWII) USMC Combat Photographer
Bob Hayes (WWII) Royal Canadian Air Force Typhoon pilot
Albert “Bert” Houle (WWII) Royal Canadian Air Force Spitfire pilot
Peter Hunt (Iraq) US Navy A-6 Intruder pilot
Robert Keefe (Cold War) US Air Force Intelligence
James Kirschke (Vietnam) USMC
Michael Lee Lanning (Vietnam) US Army
Gary Linderer (Vietnam) US Army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
Owen Lock (Cold War) US Air Force Intelligence
George Loving (WWII and Korea) USAAF and US Air Force P-51 and P-80 pilot
Mike McCarthy (Vietnam) US Air Force F-4 Phantom pilot
Myke Cole (Afghanistan) US Navy
Rosie Noel (Iraq) USMC
Ron Pottinger (WWII) Royal Air Force fighter pilot
Fred Salter (WWII) US Army Recon Scout
Dan Schilling (Somalia) US Air Force Combat Controller
Nat Schoen (WWII) US Army
David Sherman (Vietnam) USMC
Ed Skender (Vietnam) US Army
Ernest “Smokey” Smith (WWII) Canadian Army, recipient of the Victoria Cross
Jay Stout (Iraq) USMC F-4 Phantom and F-18 fighter pilot
Larry Tart (Cold War) US Air Force Intelligence
David Walker (Vietnam) US Army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
Steven Waterman (Vietnam) US Navy Diver
Denis Whitaker (WWII) Canadian Army

And to so many others:
The Canadian and British WWII Typhoon pilots I accompanied to France, Holland, and Germany
The women combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan I met through author Kirsten Holmstedt
The Marine generals I met through author Charles Jones
The D-Day survivors I met through author Joseph Balkoski

And finally and always, my grandfather, Robert James Whitson, Canadian Army, WWII. I miss you, grandpa.

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