Cleaning leads to shopping

At least it does in my case. My brother, Mike, visited over the holidays and while he was here he helped me organize my apartment. My soup is now arranged by type. There’s a chicken row (noodle, with rice, with wild rice, cream of, and possibly dumpling). Then there’s the vegetable row (hearty, hearty AND healthy which makes me wonder about the just hearty one, classic, with lean meat, with noodles, and with extra vegetables which makes it vegetable vegetable soup). I have a lot of soup. Cereal has a whole other shelf. What’s really amazing is that a lot of this used to be piled on top of the fridge, but my brother found a way to fit it all in my cupboards. Spatial reasoning is apparently not my forte.

Mike’s inspired work in the kitchen propelled me to tackle the living room and in the course of some serious tidying up I discovered that I had room for another bookcase.



A place.

To store.


I think a beam of light illuminated my head and angels started singing. I had room for another bookcase! There is a santa! So, I went shopping and found myself a very sturdy, four shelf solid wood affair which is now already half full.

Naturally, now I’m wondering if I can find room to fit one more…

  1. lanyn

    Hee! I love this. I can so relate, owning many bookcases myself, and having them all filled, and needing more space for books…

  2. Anonymous

    Jealous! I just moved to a smaller student house, causing me to get rid off three bookcases. The pain, the horror! My precious books are currently residing in boxes in my grandmother’s moldy garage. I hope to find a safe haven for them soon before they perish into nothingness! Haha!

    • crazy_aupair

      Oh and i finished the second book a couple of weeks ago and looooved it! Can’t wait ’til the next one gets out. Rest assured your books aren’t the ones lacking sunlight in a creepy garage 😉

      • admin

        Glad to hear you enjoyed the book. And very nice to hear my books are getting some sun, just not too much so they don’t burn 🙂

    • admin

      I know that feeling! I had to downsize a lot when I moved back to New York City. I went from a three bedroom apartment with the master bedroom acting as my library to a little studio! I’ve since moved into a one bedroom which gives me more more, though not as much as I’d like.


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