Wonderful writing weather today

It’s a cold, gray, windy, day here in NYC with the first snowflakes whipping through the air for good measure. Days like this spike my imagination. I love going out for a walk in this weather and then coming home full of ideas. There’s something invigorating about freezing your butt off for an hour or so then coming back inside for a hot chocolate and sitting down at the computer and typing like mad.

  1. newguydave

    Agreed. I only wish I wasn’t going mad with revisions. I’d love to start something with a winter feel.

    What are you working on these days? Super sekrit or can you tell?

    • admin

      What are you working on right now, or is yours secret, too? Actually, mine isn’t so much secret as undecided. I’m in that wonderful phase of what comes next and bouncing around a few ideas. I’ve been doing some research and jotting down notes and generally playing with the ideas and characters and seeing what develops. Hopefully I’ll be able to announce what’s next very early in the new year.


      • newguydave

        I’m almost done the first revision of Song of Fury, a bronze age military fantasy. Off the top of my head tagline:

        An ancient song opens a rift to another world in Haldren and he needs to learn how the magic works before it destroys everybody around him.

        • admin

          Sounds interesting. My first question is who is he? Or is Haldren your character and the rift is inside him? And if the rift is in him that’s a very intriguing idea.


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