Les Elfes de Fer goes live – http://www.leselfesdefer.net/

I am pleased, tickled, thrilled, (and no doubt in need of a time out to calm down) to announce the launch of what I believe is the first official fan site on the web that stretches world wide for Konowa and the lads. Emmanuel Chastellière, the French translator for the Iron Elves and one heck of a nice guy, has taken it upon himself to create a whole site dedicated to the series – http://www.leselfesdefer.net/ What can I say, I’m overwhelmed and more than a little honored (which really means I am a lot honored). Emmanuel, merci! I realize not everyone speaks French, but you can quickly and easily translate the site through the use of http://translate.google.com/# Just copy and paste the text into the box and voila!

Emmanuel has even gone to the trouble of tracking down several of the different covers including the very funky Japanese editions and the lean and cool French edition which goes on sale soon.



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      Thanks. I had to use the translator myself in places. I remember a time when I could actually speak some French, but I learned it in my twenties and apparently lost it sometime after that.


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