Major Richard “Dick” Winters of Band of Brothers fame, passes away at age 92

Band of Brothers, first a book written by Stephen Ambrose, and later a television mini-series, chronicled the training and battles of the US Army’s Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division the Screaming Eagles in WWII. Ambrose, of course, was borrowing Shakespeare’s speech as he imagined King Henry V giving it to English troops before the Battle of Agincourt. Just as Shakespeare before him, Ambrose captured the quintessential qualities of leadership and comradeship in time of war, and Major Dick Winters proved to be a leader of exceptional ability. Every interview I’ve seen and read about Winters reveals a calm, thoughtful personality and above all a man who cared for the soldiers he led. I found more than a little inspiration for the Iron Elves in the exploits of Major Winters and Easy Company, and I offer my sincere condolences at the passing of a true leader and great, if humble, man.

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