Two new websites launch

The first is for a book I edited which is just hitting the stores now. I may have mentioned before how proud I am to work with veterans in helping to tell their stories, and the same goes for the journalists and historians who make it possible. In this case it’s journalist Charles Jones writing about US Marine Corps combat photographers in WWII. The book is titled War Shots and features Marine Corps legend Norm Hatch (he shot some of the iconic footage on Tarawa which ended up winning an Oscar in 1944). You can find out more at

The other website is actually a complete redesign of the publisher’s site I edit for, Stackpole Books. You probably already know this, but I edit military history and current affairs and conflicts books, everything from Civil War to WWII, Vietnam to Afghanistan. It’s just possible you’ll detect a little of that influence in the Iron Elves. This new website is a quantum leap forward for us and looks pretty darn spiffy. You can find it here:



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