Let the countdown commence…

I am pleased, relieved, ecstatic, catatonic, overwhelmed, and a little dizzy as I officially tell one and all that I have just completed the third and final installment of the Iron Elves trilogy. The manuscript will shortly be winging its way to my editor and I will be collapsed in a semi-vegetative state in front of the TV with a big grin on my face as a I watch the Oscars while muttering over and over “I finished Ashes of a Black Frost.”

As far as I know, the pub date in North America is September 20, 2011. Should that change I’ll let you know, but as of now we are go for launch this fall.



  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it. And you are releasing a few days before my birthday, perfect.

  2. jamesgilmer

    Well done, amigo! I look forward to reading this, and thanks for a wonderful ride thus far. Hope all has been well on your end. I’m searching for a new day job after the last contract position dried up (you’d think medical x-ray would be an easy field to find openings in) but the writing is going well despite things getting pushed back due to things out of my control.

    The covers have been lovely and the story is just great. I will be waiting for Sept with eagerness. Congrats again!


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