What do you do when you get to the top of the mountain?

So I’m currently in this strange place of having finished Ashes after living with it for two straight years. There will be some revisions, my editor will have some comments, copy editors and cold readers will suggest their changes, too, but the mountain has been summited. However, I am quickly finding ways to fill the void. In addition to getting in a short run in Central Park, I’m working on my next book.

Truthfully, it feels like the cosmic equivalent of pb&j right now. I get to tweak and revise Ashes of a Black Frost until it’s the best I can make it in order to give Konowa and the lads the best send off possible while at the same time starting to build a whole new world. If I believed in the concept of deities, I’d be one right now…vis a vis my manuscripts that is 🙂

Oh, and did I mention I went for a run in Central Park?

It. Was. Bliss. And so far, no excruciating pain. Now my challenge will be to rein in the horses so I don’t run too far, too fast and re-injure myself.

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