Did you know there are gourd societies? And other things I learned at Balticon

Top five things I’ve learned at the Balticon fantasy and science fiction convention this weekend:

1. There are gourd societies that focus on the art potential of dried gourds. Photos to come.
2. There is a natural, barefoot movement among many Con goers which seems very free-spirited and casual…until you see a guy going in to use the restroom. I’d be packing flip-flops for that.
3. If you don’t own a black t-shirt with some kind of witty sci-fi saying printed on it you’re probably not here.
4. Corsets are in. So are kilts.
5. You can visit the various suites and parties and quite probably make it the whole weekend on the food and drink you find there…if you can survive on Sunny-D, M&Ms, mini-bagels, and veggie trays. I couldn’t, but I did discover mini M&Ms in my travels. Who knew?

  1. lanyn

    Okay, 1 and 3 totally cracked me up. Enjoying your reports! I wish I could go to one of these things sometime! Some of the authors from the “Lawyers in Hell” anthology I had my story accepted in are there too.

  2. Anonymous

    my main con is Origins in Columbus. I trty and make it every year. My black t-shirt has that 1950’s guy on it saying ” The rules not only say you are wrong, they also say youa re a dick.”

  3. Anonymous

    I generally agree with you on the prequel thing- except- The prequel for the Wheel of Time Series is great, as much so as the rest of the series.

  4. Anonymous

    Cons can be a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend Balticon if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.

    What story did you sell?

  5. admin

    I haven’t been to that one. What’s it like? Does it have a focus or is it a broad approach to all things fantasy, sci fi, anime etc? OK, that’s a good one for a black t-shirt. I haven’t got one yet, but I saw a few contenders.

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  7. lanyn

    It’s called “Measure of a Man” and the anthology will be out in bookstores in July. It’s a new volume in the Heroes in Hell series that originally started publishing back in the 1980s. I got to write about Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson… how cool is that? Hee.

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