The heart – it’s not just for attacks

If you’ve ever dated me – there isn’t room here for my apologies – or read one of my books, you probably concluded that romance is not exactly my forte. Welllllllll, that’s past tense, baby (wait, can I call you baby? Shoot, this could be one of the reasons I get into trouble). I’m not saying I’ve moved into Casanova territory, but then my goal (unlike Tiger Woods) is to get just one woman to believe I am the sun in the sky, the moon at night, and the guy who can say “No, those jeans don’t make you look fat at all” while pondering – for no apparent reason – the curvature of the earth.

So what has me waxing all smoochie? An early review just came out for Ashes of a Black Frost from no less a magazine than the Romantic Times! The Romantic Times. They’re all about getting down, getting it off and then getting it on (I might be paraphrasing a bit). And no, they weren’t using my book as an antonym.

Yup, Ashes scored the coveted 4 out of 4 star review. I think the only thing higher is a heart glazed in honey on a pillow of milk chocolate. But seriously though, I’m thrilled. I always knew I had a pretty good grasp of the military angle, but creating believable relationships, especially of a romantical nature, was and remains a bigger challenge. Ok, so the review doesn’t actual mention the romance, but then, they’re the Romantic Times. I’m guessing they were so taken with emotion that mere words proved inadequate to express the joy and wonder that filled their hearts. That’s my assumption and I’m sticking with it 🙂

To the ladies (and gentlemen) of the Romantic Times, I doff my hat. I said to you (via my publicist), that I was just a writer, standing in front of a reviewer, asking you to love me. And you did.* Soooo, what are you doing Friday night?

Romantic Times

October 2011

by Chris Evans

Genre: Fantasy, General Fantasy Rating

“A fast-paced, action-filled, fitting end to an epic tale between forces of good, evil and those with a bit of both, filled with characters from fairy tales to nightmares who all play their roles beautifully, especially the enigmatic Konowa Swift Dragon. You’ll want to read this trilogy in order for maximum enjoyment and understanding.”

*Thanks to the writers of Notting Hill for that line.

  1. newguydave

    That’s awesome. More reason for me to read the first book as soon as I’m done the Three Muskateers. You’re okay with following Dumas, right?

    Congrats on the 4 of 4 stars. (For that you get a lightsaber fight icon)

  2. lanyn

    Stay dry and safe during the hurricane! Hope it doesn’t slam you guys too hard. I’m supposed to fly to Rochester NY on Monday for business, but my flight is on Jet Blue, which means I go through JFK. Woops. So either my flight will be cancelled, delayed, or maybe I’ll make it and get stranded in NYC if the Rochester leg gets canceled. Ahhhhh, travel when a hurricane comes up… good timing, huh?

  3. admin

    Yikes, you might just experience a bit of a delay! I know they are definitely closing down the airports for a while, certainly on Sunday. Monday could be OK, unless there’s flooding or damage. I remember those poor folks stranded at the airports for days after the Icelandic volcano erupted. Not fun.

    I’ve got lots of water, flashlights, batteries, food, and other essentials (chocolate). I think everything will be fine…I hope!


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