Can anyone tell me how to make a watermark on a photo?

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I managed to get a watermark of sorts onto this photo, but I had to use the paint program to do it. Is there any easier way? Oh, and if your curiosity remains, the photo shows two German Wehrmacht soldiers from what appear to be a cavalry unit during the invasion of France in the summer of 1940. They’re standing in front of an abandoned French tank, a Renault R35 light infantry tank. The horse in the background on the far left was a mare named Beatrix. She had three colts, one of whom, Henri, became famous for climbing the Eiffel Tower on a drunken night in Paris after the war. A bronzed horseshoe is welded to the east leg of the tower in honor of his adventure.

It’s possible I’m making some of this up.

  1. gilly24

    if you go onto that may be easier. once you upload the image go to the “create” tab. Then around the top left of the screen there is a “text” icon. then enter the textm hit “add” and you can change the size,color and font as well as moving it about very easily. with picnik you can do loads of other cool stuff too 🙂 hope this helped!


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