Do you make “To Do” lists?

I do, although until the last year or so, I was never great at actually following through on them. At some point I finally decided to take my lists more seriously, and also to create lists that were actually doable. Gone are the days when I’d write stuff like “finish the novel” and instead have been replaced by “finish that scene.” Now that I’ve got a handle on making these lists and checking things off as I complete them, I’ve even started assigning time frames for my tasks. This might sound silly or unnecessary to some of you, but my life-style has been one of essentially excessive freedom for the last few years, and as marvelous as that sounds, too much freedom is another way of saying not enough structure. So I’m building up the structure around me, setting up waypoints and markers throughout my day that take the place of the structure I’d have if I commuted to an office. I used to rebel at this, but now I welcome it.

Good grief, I think I’m growing up 🙂

  1. Jennifer Michaels

    Mr. Evans,

    List writing is an art form for me. I notate everything from groceries to schedules (both personal and work) to menus to maintainence on auto. I don’t think it’s as much growing up as scheduling as much activity as possible into a short period of time. Unfortunately, we limited to 24 hours and sleep takes up a third. Good luck with your lists and thanks so much for the Iron Elves books. They are fabulous! Can’t wait to get my hands of the third installment.

  2. chrisevans

    Hi, Jennifer:

    I think you’ve embraced list making more than I, although I can see myself moving in that direction.

    Glad you’re enjoying the series. I’ve had an incredible time writing them and the sense of accomplishment now that the trilogy is complete is, well, amazing.




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