Day 4 and 5 of the RV Book tour (sans RV at the moment)

After seeing the crazy snowstorm that went through New York and the eastern seaboard I’m not complaining about Canadian weather again! It’s been beautiful here in southern Ontario. Perfect fall days.

Yesterday was a looooooooooong day. Visited 6 Chapters & Indigo stores – Oshawa, Kennedy Road in Toronto, Milton, Guelph, Waterloo and Kitchener. I have ties to most of these places. I was born in Toronto, my brother went to the University of Guelph, I did my Masters at Wilfrid Laurier in Kitchener-Waterloo. Received a wonderful reception at every store. The staff across the board were very nice and incredibly professional. I signed all the books they had finally settling on my disposable fountain pen as the best one for writing. Each book has a little message in elvish in it, too. You’ll know what it means once you see it.

We covered around 400kms which I think equals 2,000 miles or something when you make the conversion 🙂 Today, I’m in London and currently sitting in a Starbucks attached to the Chapters bookstore. Kendra of the coffee and pastries section, was a huge help in getting me connected so that I didn’t have to attempt writing all this on my tiny Blackberry. Thank you, Kendra!!!!

Donna was a saint on the book side rounding up all the copies of the series for me to sign.

Earlier today I was in the Coles bookstore in Argyle Mall. You can follow them on twitter @colesargyle  I urge you to do so as they are currently working to get their lease renewed so they can stay there and keep serving the reading public. It’s a great store with absolutely wonderful staff. My parents go there all the time and they’ve treated them well each and every time. A special thanks to Cathy for choosing Ashes of a Black Frost as her staff pick. Also great to meet manager Sandy and Mel, dressed as a fallen angel for Halloween. I thought the wings meant Victoria’s Secret model…

In parent-son news, I haven’t been disowned. We have not one, but two GPS systems working as we chart our course and thus far my mother still spots the turn off signs before the satellites. I suggested we shoot her into space to help with the navigation, but the look on her face suggested that was a no go. My dad thought it was funny.

My access to my blog won’t be regular as I travel, but I’m tweeting my fingers off to keep everyone updated on what’s going on. If you aren’t following yet and want to keep up with the adventures of author and parents as they load the RV and head south for the winter, pop over to Twitter and follow me at @cevansauthor  In Facebook news, I’m just 51 fans away from hitting a big milestone – 1,000!  To celebrate, the 1,000 person to like my Iron Elves page gets the satisfaction of being the 1,000th person to do so…but I think it’s entirely possible there is another contest in the offing. Stay tuned. The secret found in the Lost Library is pretty cool and will be revealed soon.

Cheers from the road!


    • chrisevans

      Hope to get out there either later this year, or more likely as we are coming up to the holidays, early next Spring. Looking forward to see the west coast and the home of franchise coffee chains.


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