Day 2 of the US leg of the tour

Just ordered the big breakfast with a side order of wi-fi at McDonald’s in Marshall, IN. Cool and clear this morning. I can now check “slept in a Walmart parking lot in an RV” off my bucket list. We would have gone to a camp ground but they all start shutting down this time of year so Walmart and truckstops become defacto rest areas for the RV set heading south.

I’m struck by the enthusiastic greetings I’ve received at every bookstore I’ve gone to whether they were in Canada or the US. And the staff seem really taken with my parents. I guess it’s not everyday an author rumbles up in a big RV with his folks.

Highlight this morning – stood out in traffic to guide the rig back out of gas station after we fueled up with diesel. I am happy to report I did not back my dad into a telephone poll. Missed it by a good seven inches.

  1. chrisevans

    Alas, not this time. I do plan on getting out more to Cons and the like so I hope we’ll see each again before long.


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