Day 2 of US tour wrap up

Saw a lot of highway 69 today, more than intended. We were driving along headed to Ft. Wayne, IN when I spotted a sign for several museums. The one that caught my eye was the Kruse Victory Military Museum. It’s a huge industrial type building that looks like a massive aircraft hangar and houses military vehicles on one side and a vast collection of carriages and cars on the other. We had to back track to see it, but it was well worth the detour. When we arrived I made a beeline for the military vehicles and wow, there were a ton of them. Bobbie (the manager I believe) and Mark (served two tours in Afghanistan) were very generous with their time and I got to see their expanding library (of course I’d want to see the library) in addition to the huge vehicle collection. It was nerdvana.

Went for lunch and parked in funeral home lot. I popped into the home to explain the big RV and said while my parents were still healthy, their naps are getting longer. Do you have a lay away plan? When I told my mother she was not amused. Dad liked the oak with brass handles.

While my folks went to eat, I went to find a dentist. A tooth that had been bothering me for a few days flared up and was really causing me pain. White, blinding kind of pain. The good news is it didn’t last for more than five or ten minutes at a time, but those minutes felt like eons. Alas, no luck in locating a dentist so we headed back on the road and after going a couple of lights saw a huge medical complex and found my salvation.

Even if you don’t live anywhere near Fort Wayne, IN I would urge you to consider booking a flight and visiting the office of Dr. Samuel Corey – – for any dental needs. Yes, my cerebellum is currently wrapped in the soothing embrace of Vicodin, but even if it weren’t I’d still urge you to visit. Ava, Amy, and Cindy were fantastic. Angels in blue scrubs. And Dr. Corey was able to diagnose the problem and quickly provide me with a plan to complete the rest of the book tour and do so without curling up in a ball and sobbing every half hour ( I gather women aren’t attracted to guys weeping on the floor). For that I am eternally grateful.

After zipping into the Walgreens down the road and filling my prescriptions, the RV Tour got back on track and made a stop at the B&N at the Glen Brook Mall outside of Fort Wayne. Manager Kate already had the books piled on the counter ready for me to sign, which was a big help because the pain killer was starting to kick in at that point. If I’d had to look for the books I might have tried to sign Starbucks’ napkins. Luckily, bookseller Dave was there to point me in the right direction and I was able to sign all the books…or at least put an X in them.

I was feeling, um – I think the medical term is loopy – so we double-backed to a campsite we saw right beside the military museum and unhitched the horses for the night. Currently writing this in the RV while giggling for no apparent reason.

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