4 miles of bliss

It’s been a looooooong road to recovery, but it feels like I’ve finally conquered my injury issues with running. It was beautiful here yesterday so I ventured out in the park and went for a four mile run. Won’t say it was better than sex, but it was very nice 🙂 Changing my running mechanics to a midfoot style from a heavy heel strike has made all the difference in the world. I feel like a new man.

I very much want to go running again today, but this is how I get into trouble. I push and push until something breaks, or at least cracks. So I am going to go for a walk, or perhaps the gym, and do a whole lot of writing. The next novel is progressing well and everything is on track to be handed in this autumn.

  1. E. St. Sinn

    Have you checked out “ChiRunning”? It’s been an incredible experience which you might also benefit from! Best of luck, and best wishes!


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