A wet and cold Sunday here in New York

I was out early for breakfast before it rained, and am currently at home puttering around the apartment. For those not familiar with the term, puttering is a much nicer way of saying procrastinating. I have done the dishes, gathered up the laundry, tidied up the counter, thrown out some papers, done a little reading, and dusted a couple of shelves, which well nice, does not add up to writing.  The synapses have not been resting, however, and I’ve come up with a new twist in the current book I’m writing, and an idea for a short story or novella involving some of the characters from the Iron Elves. I’m even toying with the idea of a graphic novel. However, my art skills are not exactly high caliber so I’m going to have to find an artist to do the visuals.

Oh, and if you notice some oddities with the site, it’s currently in the process of being switched so there are a few hiccups that need ironing out. For the most part, though, it appears to have made the transition well.



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