And the winner of the leather-bound set of the Iron Elves is….

But first, a word from our sponsor, me 🙂 I really appreciate all the emails checking in to see how I was doing after Hurricane Sandy. I actually came through unscathed. My neighborhood suffered some fallen trees and assorted other minor damage, but that’s it. No flooding and no fires. We never even lost power. So I feel very fortunate in that regard. Honestly, the biggest travail I’ve dealt with is there were no muffins in the diner this morning because the bakery delivery truck couldn’t make it into the city.

And so, the winner of the leather-bound set.  As with all my giveaways, I print out everyone’s name on paper, cut them up, put them in a hat, and draw. Not exactly high tech, but it works.

Congratulations to Holly Martin of the USA!



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