For those interested in purchasing a set of the leather-bound Iron Elves

There’s been some interest expressed in buying a set of the leather-bound Iron Elves. I met with the book binder this morning to discuss that possibility with him. As I mentioned, these are all individually handcrafted and simply gorgeous. The good news is that we can do more sets. I don’t have a time estimate yet, but will get one. Each set will be signed and personalized. In fact, because these

are all done one at a time, you’ll even be able to request some variations to make your set absolutely unique. How’s that for service 🙂 The price for a set like the ones I gave away will be $350.00 plus shipping. There will be more expensive options if you really want to do them up (I think goat hide runs more as does gilting). And if price doesn’t matter I’ll personally hand deliver them and read the series to you 🙂

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