What a wonderful day! The election is finally over!

I suspect that whomever you voted for (if you happen to be American and eligible to vote) you share my joy and relief that the long national nightmare of a seemingly endless campaign is over. It’s my sincerest hope that reasonable politicians can now actually work together to accomplish things. I know, a long shot, but I am a dreamer.

In writing news, I will be handing in the manuscript for my next novel to my editor this month. I’m enjoying this book immensely. As much as I loved writing the Iron Elves, it’s refreshing to create an entirely new world, new characters, and push myself as a writer to try new things. It’s more work in the sense that you have to learn the new characters and the world they inhabit, but I find that part exhilarating.

I won’t give out a timetable yet, but check back once in a while because teaser material will begin to appear.

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