And I’m back again

Lost my website for a few hours as I completely forgot to renew my url address, or do you just call it url, or address, or something else? When I say I’m not attuned to social media, I’m not kidding. Thanks to Nicole for spotting it and letting me know!

Just now bouncing back from a cold that kicked my butt for a solid week. I think of all the times someone has said I was full of s*** and you know, last week I was. Snot anyway. Pretty colors, too. Mostly in the neon green range.

Writing news – well, the saga does continue and is approaching a conclusion. I’m well over 100,000 words in The Tree Line and still going strong. Not sure what the final word count will be, but this is going to be a THICK book. And though my relationship with deadlines is about as successful as, well, my relationships, I will eventually consummate this one, most likely in the next month or so.

  1. beatrice lawson

    Hello Chris, hopefully you are much better since your last post… frankly, glad to hear you are writing (as in book writing) as opposed to blogging and taking care of social media requirements (although in all honesty some effort in that area is expected nowadays, at least a way to subscribe to the blog so fans can keep up with posts, infrequent though they may be.)
    Anyway – since I was such a huge fan of the Iron Elves I am curious if you would ever return to the world… not that I am not eagerly awaiting the next book, you understand. And speaking of which, any tentative date for it? Fantasy fans are used to be loyal patient souls, so unless you are pulling a GRRM or a Scott Lynch, no one will be mad, no matter how far away it is.

    Anyway, wishing you well, and thank you for a wonderful trilogy. Really hope to read a lot more of your fantasy work.

    • chrisevans

      Hi, Beatrice:

      Things are well! You are right that the expectation is there for an author to blog every once in a while, certainly more than I do now. I keep vowing to do more, but thus far it remains very hit and miss. Your message has reminded me that I really should do better.

      In answer to your first question, yes, I would certainly consider revisiting the Iron Elves one day. I’ve even given thought to a spin-off with Yimt. Something about that dwarf makes me want to write him again and again.

      As for my next novel, everything points to a summer 2014 release. That could change, and as things become more solid I will definitely let everyone know. Right now we haven’t even settled on a title so that’s just one of many things to be ironed out.

      My only desire to emulate GRRM and Lynch is in their success, not their time frame! Ultimately, I would like to write a book a year. At the moment it’s taking me anywhere from 2 – 3 years.




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