In defense of Dwarves and other fantasy elements

I recently did an interview with Fantasy Faction and thought I’d share it with you here:

What have you been up to since the completion of the Iron Elves, with Ashes of a Black Frost?

In the three very long years since the end of the Iron Elves I wrote my next novel, Of Bone and Thunder, and my first nonfiction book, Bloody Jungle, about the Vietnam War. I didn’t mean to take three years, but life has that annoying habit of getting in the way. I now write full time as I resigned my position as military history editor at Stackpole Books last year. I’m still adapting to the transition. I was a military history editor for thirteen years so to leave that behind wasn’t easy. On the plus side, I do travel more, and I am working at writing more, too.

Of Bone and Thunder gets described as a bit of Apocalypse Now meets The Lord of the Rings. How do you feel about this?

Of Bone and Thunder (cover)Chagrined, but only mildly. I think most people understand that marketing employs some hyperbole in order to get eyeballs fixed in their direction. The point to using comparisons like Apocalypse Now and Lord of the Rings (or Full Metal Jacket meets Game of Thrones as a reviewer commented) is to give the reader a framework, something to latch onto. OBAT is very much the melding of the Vietnam War experience in a deeply realized fantasy world. In that sense, the marketing term is dead on. If you’re at all familiar with Apocalypse Now and LOTR then you get a feel for the book immediately. Now whether that’s for you is another question entirely, but in one sentence you have the general sense and sensibility of the novel. There will be blood, magic, drugs, chaos and a redemptive ending, if not a cheery and sunny one.

For the rest of the interview, go here:  INTERVIEW


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