And back again…

Hope all is well with everyone out there. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been consumed with the events in Syria, the political campaigns here in the US, and trying to find Nutella ice cream here in NYC. There’s a little shop in Arromanches in France (known world wide as Sword Beach) that serves it and visiting that shop is always high on my list when I go to Normandy.

At the moment I am finishing up my large photo history book on the war on the Eastern Front in World War II. Hundreds of photos and corresponding detailed captions to go with each one. Not sure what the pub date will be yet, but when I know I’ll post it here. On the fantasy side an idea is coalescing. I’m tempted to say more, but until I really have it clear in my mind I’ll have to leave it as an annoying teaser.

Finally, call it my new autumn resolution, but I am going to attempt to write here consistently and more often. I spent years resistant to all forms of social media. I’ve never been what you would call a natural ‘show-man’. It’s true, I stole the show as Two-Gun Teddy in my grade 2 Christmas play back in the day, but since then I’ve tried to avoid the spotlight and just do what I do – write and edit. It slowly dawned on me that I can still do that which I love and talk about it with all of you.


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