Yimt Arkhorn

You know I’m team dwarf. Yimt Arkhorn is far and away my favorite character from all of my books. Writing a scene with Yimt immediately put me in a better mood. His genesis is very much based on my early introduction to fantasy via LOTR and D&D and then significantly broadened by the works of George MacDonald Fraser. Yimt is unapologetically an old school dwarf –  short, stocky, bearded, gruff, big drinker, full of humor, and lives life in a big way. I was cool with that then, and I still am.

I get asked from time to time if the Iron Elves (and especially Yimt) will ever appear again. My answer is the unsatisfying possibly. I’ve considered everything from short stories to graphic novels to complete novels. One idea I’ve carried around is Yimt and Rallie hooking up some how (not necessarily dating as Yimt is married). I’m less inclined to do an origin story as they never seem to live up to the imagination. The worst example that comes to mind are the petulant Darth Vader movies. Anni the brat becomes angsty Anakin who eventually becomes Darth. And there’s Jar Jar.  Ugh.





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