The Russians got me

If you dropped by recently you may have seen that my website was offline. Suspended, in fact. I wish I could say it was for something naughty I did, but the truth is it was hacked and being used to send out malware, denial of service, increase the size of your, um, cucumber offers etc. If you received any sort of strange and/or unwanted emails from my site I am sorry. I’ve since switched to a new website provider and made my passwords more robust (lots of Cyrillic, the Russians will never suspect that).

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year!



The 2020 European Tour itinerary is now set. Click on the link for more details.

Greetings everyone!
Whether you are new to travelling with our CanHist Tours to the Canadian Battlefields or one of our wonderful ‘seasoned-veterans’, I am proud to announce the itinerary for our extraordinary….
                                                  ‘VEDay75 Canadian Commemoration Tour – April 27-May 10th, 2020!
In preparation for the Celebrations that will be organized to honour the 75th anniversary for the end of WW2 next year, Defining Moments Canada is hosting this special 14-Day trip to the UK and Holland, that will culminate with your participation in the ceremonies jointly planned by the Dutch Government and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).
These remarkable ceremonies will occur between the 4th -8th May in Holland, at locations that situate you in the towns/cities that evoke the deepest meaning for Canadians, and celebrate the stories of our Veterans from 75 years ago. Formal details of the plans for these events are still being collaboratively developed but the chance to experience these commemorations promise to be ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunities.
As you will see, working with one of Canada’s most reputable and successful Travel Companies – Ellison Travel, Ltd – we have designed a unique tour that delivers exciting daily destinations in the UK and Holland, all within the rich historical context of 1944/45 as explained by popular Canadian Military Historian, Chris Evans. (Can you tell I didn’t write this? 🙂
As well, Chris will offer optional escorted excursions for small groups of travelers to locations of Canadian significance – these have been VERY popular on past tours!
A special feature for this tour is the Ellison Travel ‘on-line’ registration process that provides the immediacy and reliability our travelers have come to expect AND affords you a predictable payment schedule. Ellison can also assist travelers from ‘all-points’ across North America with easy Air Canada connections and deviations to meet your needs…wherever you live!
Next year will be a very special year celebrating the remarkable relationship between the Canadian and Dutch people, and we remain hopeful that some WW2 Veterans may still be able to participate in the ceremonies in places that sing-out with historical memory – Apeldoorn, Nijmegen, Groesbeek, Holten, Scheldt and so many others…
Please join us on this exciting Tour next year – and be sure to invite your friends and family to come-along!
…. send me any questions you have.
I look forward to seeing you in London next April!
My very best to you all!

2020 European Battlefield Tour

In just a little under 12 months from now, Canadians, Americans, and Britains will be invited to Europe to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2.

Plans are still very preliminary, but we’re looking at running another tour for Spring 2020. The rough outline of the tour so far looks like this:
  • 14 days in late April to early May, with May 8th (VE Day) being the ‘capstone’ event
  • An itinerary that would start in the UK and finish in Holland, primarily following the path of the Canadians from Normandy to Holland and also including American and British battlefields
The only matter left would be to determine whether you would be interested in a 2020 adventure. If you are, or know someone who might be, please be in touch.

Back from a great weekend with the Long Range Reconnaissance Association at their annual rally

Held every year in Branson, MO, the rally is attended by former members of Long Range Patrol, Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol, Long Range Surveillance Teams as well as family. They are a terrific group of veterans. Special thanks to Gary Linderer for inviting me. I also got to hang out with one my authors, Jim Thayer, author of the forthcoming Tango 1-1 which I’ll be publishing at Pen and Sword Books – spring 2020.

Yes, I’m alive :)

It’s been forever since I posted here for which there is no good (or even bad) excuse. I do use Facebook and Twitter, but why have a website if I don’t utilize it? One of my struggles with social media in general is that I am not a dedicated consumer of it. I follow people on Twitter and FB – oh, and Instagram, but I rarely read their posts. Does that make me a bad ‘friend’? I suspect I’m not alone in this, but it does sometimes feel that way.

With my mea culpa, such as it is, out of the way, I thought I’d restart posting with an update. I’m working on my next fantasy novel as well as a nonfiction military history book. I accepted a position with Pen & Sword Books out of the UK as an acquisitions editor for military history so I’m keeping busy. I took up kickboxing a year ago and can confidently say that if I’m ever attacked by an opponent who is thick, cylindrical and moves very little – not unlike a heavy bag – I should prevail.

Still single…

Still living on the Upper East Side in New York City.

Still eating more junk food than I should.

Currently avoiding doing my taxes because they aren’t due for another month.

Wildly unsuccessful in overcoming my procrastination.

Planning another battlefield tour for 2020.

Hoping/planning to have the next novel finished this summer.

Planning to post regularly here (ha!)