I think, maybe, Spring has sprung…

It’s rainy and in the 50’s here in NYC so I think that qualifies as spring. By Thursday, it’s supposed to get to 81 degrees so summer might be closer than I’d like.

It’s been a while since I updated my site here. Clearly, social media is not my forte. I think I need to look at it differently. It’s writing, and that’s something I like to do (though not nearly enough over the last several years) so I should view it as something to be enjoyed.

On the writing front I continue to work on my next novel. I wish I had more to say, hopefully soon. Still living on the Upper East Side, getting back into healthier eating (why can’t broccoli taste like chocolate cake and vice versa?), and jetting off to Europe for a couple of weeks this summer to do another battlefield tour in France, Belgium, and Holland. Really looking forward to that.

Time to break out the sweaters!

The grayer, the windier, the colder, the better. Maybe it’s because I was born in November, in Canada, or my general disposition, but when the weather turns I feel better. I know there’s that SAAD that afflicts people, but I just feel happy. I get that some think of the beach in July as heaven, but I’ll take a whistling November wind scuttling clouds across a gray sky just about every time.