Game of Thrones rant (episode 2 of the latest season on HBO. Spoilers! You’ve been warned.)

Yara Greyjoy is, apparently, the worst naval captain to ever sail the seas. How in the hell does a bloody armada sneak up and destroy your entire fleet that easily? Honestly, the whole battle felt more like a plot device than anything else. I imagine the show runners sitting around trying to figure out what kind of bloodshed they could add to this episode and voila, let’s just destroy a fleet. Easy-peasy.

Speaking of inept, how is Jon Snow still so naïve? He’s going to meet Daenerys based on a single scribbled message. He no sooner threatens to kill Littlefinger if he touches Sansa than he’s off on what might be a wild goose chase, leaving Littlefinger alone with Sansa. Seriously?

I like the show, but mercy it can be aggravating at times.




Fantastic books and where to find them

Public libraries and the books the contain offer the writer a near infinite amount of worlds to explore. Still, there’s something special about owning your own copy. As it happens, the used bookstore I frequent – The Book Cellar on York Avenue here in NY – is in the basement of the Webster Library, a branch of the New York Public Library. Two books with one bird.

My latest finds happen to be purchases, and vary widely in subject matter. I have no idea at this point if any will feature in my next novel, but I don’t mind either. I’m reading and learning and that – I humbly submit – is never a bad thing. Of the three, the book on heraldry is likely to get the most use as I am working up a character who may be a pursuivant of arms (an officer of heraldry). He/she may also be an amanuensis – a literary assistant – witness to the unfolding of history in the making.


My weekly visit to the used bookstore

It’s probably a good thing I go to the bookstore and not, say, the wine store, because I always come home with something. Usually several. This weekend was no exception. None of the three pertain exactly to any book I am currently writing, but each seems interesting and well, that’s more than enough reason to bring them home.