Don’t let them take Sponge Bob!

First, they came for Above and Beyond, and I said nothing. Then, they came for Firefly, and still, I said nothing. Pushing Daises was next. And now, they’re coming for the Sponge! Damn you Time Warner and/or Viacom (I can’t actually tell which is the real villain, likely both).

They’ve been flashing a banner across the screen warning that tonight at midnight the Sponge goes dark, along with a bunch of other shows. But how can they silence Mr. Krabs and Squidward and Patrick and Sandy? What will become of Bikini Bottom? And why is a grown man at all concerned about this? Uh…for the kids. Apparently you have to be 18 to call in and lodge your protest, so I’m indignant on behalf of all of those are not yet of the age to be legally recognized as among the indignantazzi (yeah, it’s a word, or should be).

Viva la Sponge! We march on Times Square tonight!

  1. lanyn

    What?? But my nephew loves Sponge Bob! The theme song is one of his favorites. He dances to it; he comes running from wherever he is when he hears it. It’s love! There’s also four adults and two teenagers who watch it every night, including all the repeats, you know, just for my nephew.



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