Happy New Year – The Sponge Lives! (and resolutions)

After scaring the beejeebers out of millions of SpongeBob SquarePants fans Viacom and Time Warner have come to terms to keep the Bikini Bottom players on the airwaves. Terrific news to start the new year.

So are you a resolutions kind of person? Not sure if I am. I make them, don’t always follow them. For me, the slippery slope is in not being specific. Simply saying I’ll eat better or procrastinate less just isn’t firm enough. I find the same with writing. I need specific goals to aim for. They help me to focus and break down the tasks ahead and actually plan what I’m doing. I’m still working out just what it is I intend to resolve this year, but when I do I’ll post them in order to keep myself honest.

Happy New Year!

    • admin

      Thanks. So far, so good. I had healthy oatmeal for breakfast, got in a very chilly run in the park, and have been writing.

  1. stillnotbored

    I gave up TV for writing seven years ago.

    But I’m still relieved that Sponge Bob and friends were spared the awful fate of going dark.

    For the children, of course, how ever old they may be.

    Happy New Year, Chris. 🙂

    • admin

      Wow, that’s very impressive. I’ve managed to go a year or so at a time without the demon box, but at the moment I am fully wired, no doubt to my detriment.

  2. patrickbuckeye

    Chris Evans,

    I just finished your book Iron Elves. I enjoyed it tremendously. You have an originality that seems to be missing in many authors today. Keep up the great work. I look forward to your next installment.


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