In much, much happier news – Library Journal’s 2008 Best of Picks

After Nat’s passing I was definitely feeling a bit dark about things. Add to that the current economic climate and the rain of the last few days and my mood wasn’t the best. So when I saw this it came as a very nice surprise. I’m especially pleased because I get to share this with a lot of people who have been incredibly supportive along the way. I’d name them all, but the orchestra would play me off stage before I was through 🙂

Library Journal Best of 2008 Picks If you’re curious, scroll down about 2/3’s to the SF&Fantasy section…you know, if you’re curious…

    • admin

      Thanks. Yes, it definitely lifted my spirits, and I have been a library hound since I was a child which makes it all the sweeter.

  1. davedicks


    Just got done reading your first novel and must say I am impressed. I had to laugh because when I picked it up, I thought to myself ‘I hope he doesn’t have as much time between novels as Glenn Cook had with the Black Company series.’ Great piece of work, Chris. I agree with your editor: ‘Hurry up!’ All jesting aside, keep up the good work.

    • admin


      I appreciate the kind words, thanks. Right now we’re working to publish a book a year which should be a sustainable pace.

      Cheers, and all the best in the coming new year!



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