Police report two spry, Canadian retirees hitting bookstores all over Florida today…

Armed with flyers, books, and a fierce pride, my intrepid parents spent the day driving around Tampa Bay, Florida and area talking up their son, the author. You can’t see it, but I’m blushing. I’m also a little concerned I might be contravening retiree labor laws, but for them this is a fun hobby. They love telling everyone they meet about their son, the author (at some point, I suspect that’s going to become my actual name which, on reflection, beats the previous one of “our son, who hasn’t given us grandchildren yet”).

Day One went swimmingly. They hit eight stores in about as many hours. Everywhere they went they met friendly and helpful staff, and I’d really like to thank everyone involved:

Store Manager Marianne at Books-A-Million in Palm Harbor; Dara at B&N in Clearwater; Nicole at B&N in St. Petersburg (2501 Tyrone Blvd North); Marco at B&N in Tampa #213; Service Supervisor Jesus at Borders in Tampa; Catherine at B&N in Brandon; Assistant Store Manager Rita at B&N in Lakeland; Store Manager Armand at Books-A-Million in Lakeland

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