Long walk by the East River tonight

I was in a wandering mood so I set out first for the library because that’s usually where I’ll find something to take my mind off of things. I browsed the shelves for a while, but I realized I just wasn’t in a reading mood, so I went to the river and just started walking. I’ll often grab a coffee and sit on a bench and jot down notes, but tonight I just couldn’t settle so I meandered until it got dark. Then I walked some more until my head cleared and I actually started to think of things to write down, but that’s when I remembered I hadn’t actually brought a note pad with me so I spent the whole walk home whispering into my Blackberry so I wouldn’t forget. I just played it back and I sound like a quiet, slightly deranged person, which does explain a couple of looks I got as I passed people on the street.

  1. stillnotbored

    When I moved to Ohio from California, I noticed the strange looks. All the middle aged women in Ohio were polyester and pastel striped tops. I wear jeans and xkcd or Strange Horizons tee shirts. I got lots of strange looks since I looked slightly deranged to them.

    The very best looks are when I’m in the grocery store shopping and a plot point hits me, which has happened more than once. And I stop dead and say something aloud like “Oh! That’s why the fey have scars.” or “Yes! That’s who the ghost was in life.”

    Those are the very best strange looks of all.


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