My book tour in Canada

While I was up north visiting my family for Thanksgiving (yes, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, too, but it’s more of a harvest-oriented affair and not so much about pilgrims and rocks) I was able to pop into a few bookstores to sign copies of my books and chat with some very nice folks. I especially want to thank Cheryl at the Belleville Public Library for running the contest this summer featuring A Darkness Forged in Fire. Her energy and love of all things books and reading is breathtaking. If you ever find yourself between Kingston and Trenton you really should drop by.

In no particular order but with definite intent I’d also like to thank:

Jessica at the Chapters in Kitchener; Anne at the Chapters in Waterloo; Manager Mark and Chris and Kelly at the Chapters in Guelph; John at the Chapters in Belleville; Customer Experience Manager Megan at the Chapters in Kingston; Oscar at the independent bookstore Novel Idea in Kingston; Manager Steve and Steven (or is it the other way round?) at the Indigo in Kingston; the three Chapters Indigos and independent bookstore Bakka Phoenix I visited in downtown Toronto with S&S publicist Max; Manager Barb at the Chapters in Peterborough; Customer Experience Manager Chris at the Coles in Peterborough; Manager Laura and Jenna and Peter at the brand new Indigo in Milton; Michelle at the Coles in Westmount Plaza in London; Carmen at the Coles in Masonville Place in London; Manager Brent and Daniel at the Chapters at Fanshawe in London; Manager Joe and Katie and Victoria at the Chapters at White Oaks in London ; and Cathy at the Coles at Argyl Mall in London.

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