NYC Marathon photos (I blame my cold for my slow reaction…………time)

I think after you see this you’ll agree that I’m not the guy you want taking pictures at your wedding or any other event you actually want to have photos of.

This is my first shot of the lead women as they ran by. Notice the large truck. The women were behind it, really.

I kept trying and then got this one. If you look just behind the motorcycle you’ll see part of a woman runner.

In a slight panic I started snapping wildly and you can actually see one of the runners in this one!

Undaunted, I kept snapping and by the time the men came by I had refined my technique.

I almost missed Mayor Bloomberg, but as he was in a car I had a bigger target to aim at. Still, it was close.

And last but not least, everyone else in the race. If I’d missed them I would have chucked my camera and crawled back into bed.

  1. stillnotbored

    Don’t think of those first three pictures as missing the runners, think of them as nailing those crowd shots and documenting the timing truck. Think positive and go with your strengths.

    Everyone will have action shots of the runners. Only you will have those unique crowd shots.

  2. gilly24

    cant wait for summer holidays!!

    that looks cool!! cant wait for summer cuz i think im going to NY with my dad! If i see you ill say hi haha

    Gordon Hill


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