Reading in bed

There are a few simple joys in life that I rank right up near the top of what makes a perfect day, and one of them is reading in bed before bedtime. I’ve done it since I was a kid and it’s better than any feel-good drug on the market (although there was a time after my appendix perforated that a few shots of morphine or something like that had me smiling at the dancing unicorns on the ceiling). Rumor has it there are other fun things to do in bed, too, but as I’m single I can only speculate on what those might be…

  1. petwaitress

    Many a morning I’ve woken up with glasses on my face, reading lamp on, and book on my chest lol. It is one of my favorite ways to fall asleep.

  2. Anonymous

    Is there something you can do in bed besides reading? I guess you could always eat in bed but that leaves crumbs and crumbs attract bugs and…

    – Sarah


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