Spring sprung, then went back to bed

Thursday and Friday here in the Big Apple were absolutely glorious. Today is actually just as nice, but in a colder, more blustery way. Sort of a cool autumn as opposed to a cold spring if you know what I mean. I’ve been getting out and about as much as I can to enjoy it before the rain comes again.

In other news, I’m currently revising Ashes of a Black Frost. That should be done in another week or so at which point the wheels really start turning as the momentum builds to get the book ready for its October 18 debut in North America. As I verify pub dates in other markets around the globe I’ll post them. Anyplace where the series has been translated will, naturally, have later releases.

In yet other news, I will be in Canada (Ontario for certain) for the book launch there, and then traveling with my folks in what will be their 5th or 6th RV publicity tour, all the way from Toronto to Tampa in late October. This will be my first time joining them as they rumble down the highway in their big rig. Rumors that the truck will be adorned with large elf ears and the trailer will feature a large squirrel have yet to be confirmed.

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