OK, spammers, please STOP commenting on my blog!

I’m hoping that will be the case. At the moment, I am still learning how WordPress works. I thought I had the comments function on, but it doesn’t seem to be working yet. In the meantime, enjoy the new site and feel free to, um, keep your comments to yourself 🙂

Hold the phone! It works! Apparently you just click on the number in parenthesis beside the word comments or click the subject line for the post and it takes you to a reply page. Cool. It’s not even 8:30am and I’ve already learned something. Oh, and the other thing I’ve learned is that while blueberries shrivel to hard, little pellets if left in the fridge too long, strawberries turn to mush which in turn grows fuzzy mold (or maybe it’s moldy fuzz).

I’m not just a fantasy author, I’m also a well of inane, obvious, and exceptionally trivial facts. Tomorrow, I’ll examine the vegetable crisper. I don’t think I’ve looked in there since I bought an onion…in March.


  1. chrisevans

    Hi, Dave:

    We tried a lot of different things for the third cover. An early version was frosty white with spears. The Brits tried a black cover with an acorn on fire. We finally decided to put Konowa on the cover. When it was shown around it got a terrific response. While it’s a different style from the first two, I love it.



  2. Derek Heatherly

    Hey Chris,

    The new site looks awesome! I love it.

    And I also love the cover for Ashes, I loved the others covers and thought they looked amazing, but the cover for Ashes is a nice change.


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