Fantasy Faction get me to talk, at length, about all things fantasy

There’s a relatively new fantasy website out there that is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most engaging and thoughtful places to go to talk about writing, publishing, fantasy, and more. That reputation is driven in part by the truly exceptional interviewers they have on board. Leo Cristea approached me for an interview and I expected the usual list of questions with perhaps one or two curve balls thrown in. Instead, we delved deep into my views on writing and the genre at large that posed a few questions I’m still thinking about. You can read the entire interview HERE but I’ve attached an excerpt below:

Q. Fantasy is no longer full of straight, white human men. How important in the evolution of the genre do you think it is that this push against conservative fantasy continues, and how might it shape the genre as you see it if the boundaries are taken down entirely in the next few decades?

A. I think it’s always important for new voices to challenge those already established in the field. It keeps things vibrant and in flux. Stasis is death. Just as George R.R. Martin and others reacted to the somewhat moribund state of traditional fantasy, there is a new generation of which it appears I’m a part reacting to the removal of magic, elves, dwarves and other traditional fantastic elements.

Q. What would you say to anyone discouraged to explore the more classic tropes and themes of fantasy, by the misconception that this sort of fantasy is frowned upon and looked-over by agents and publishers?

A. Writing for the market and the perceived trends is a souless and ultimately self-defeating exercise. Writing is already a long, difficult, and at times even excruciating process. To add to that the notion of writing something other than what you are truly passionate about seems masochistic.

For the complete interview and to check out Fantasy Faction (which I highly recommend) go HERE.

Many thanks to Leo and Fantasy Faction.

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