I think it’s clear that I am not cut out for public relations. I haven’t posted here since December. I keep meaning to, then I get doing something else and forget. I’m comforted, however, by the notion that the world will keep turning whether or not I engage with social media.

I went through a loooong period when I wasn’t writing, but I’m beyond happy to say that’s in the past. I recently passed the 100 page mark of my next novel (another fantasy) and based on my progress I’ll have it complete before the end of the year. I’m aiming for sooner than that, but seeing as it’s been over five years since Of Bone And Thunder I’m not going to rush it…er, definitely not a problem of mine.

Hope everyone is staying healthy, sane, and safe during our current crises of the virus, the recession, and now social upheaval.

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